The first few months of a puppy’s life are particularly important and it’s the time when your puppy learns to become acclimatised to people, new environments and other animals. If you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy into your family, read on for some top tips to ensure your pup is well socialised and adaptable as an adult dog.

  • Consult your vet

Firstly, chat to your vet about safe environments for puppies to socialise, especially before they have received all of their immunisations.

  • Join a local puppy pre-school group

These are safe environments where pups are able to socialise and meet new dogs and people. They’ll also learn basic commands such as sit, stay, drop etc. which will make home training a little easier. Puppies can typically be enrolled at 8 weeks of age.

  • Have a coffee date with your pup

Head to your local café or restaurant and sit on a table outside on the street front. This is a great way to get your dog used to road noises and people and other dogs walking by. Ensure they are given a fresh bowl of water and reward them with treats for staying calm etc.

  • Socialise with children

Whether you have small children at home or no children living in your household, it’s important to get your new puppy used to being around children. Pups can be quite strong and playful and can sometimes get over-excited. Train them to remain calm around children and not jump up on them. Get your puppy used to children patting them and waving hands in their face. Reward with treats for good behaviour.