With an increase in canine cough cases, pet parents are being reminded of the importance of staying up-to-date with the annual vaccination, according to Petsure, Australia’s leading pet insurance administrator.

With over two decades of claims data, PetSure was approached to share data and insights for canine cough claims. PetSure data shows the average amount claimed for canine cough in dogs in the last 12 months was $183 while the maximum amount claimed was $4,266. Claims for canine cough rose from 15,300 claims in 2021 to 17,275 in 2022*.

PetSure Vet Advisor, Dr Betty Chan, says it’s crucial for Aussies to stay up to date with the vaccination.

“Pet parents are generally good at maintaining their pet’s regular vaccinations. Most vet clinics send timely reminders for vaccinations, which makes it easy for pet parents to stay up to date with vaccinations.  

The canine cough vaccination should be given to dogs annuallyIf your dog is going into a high-risk environment, for example a boarding kennel, the vaccination should be given 2-3 weeks prior.    

The most effective way to protect your dog from canine cough is to ensure they are vaccinated. In addition, you may want to avoid places where your dog could come into contact with infected dogs like dog parks or shared inside spaces like daycare or grooming facilities. 

“Try to avoid sharing water bowls or toys in public areas too where the surface could be contaminated,” she said. 

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