As a puppy, I can certainly say that I’m completely adorable! So adorable that you make lots of high pitched noises that I REALLY, REALLY like!

But what about my name?

Have you thought about what makes a really good name? Something that gets my attention, and something that I can learn easily, after all, dog is my first language.

My top bit of advice is… Pick your letters wisely.

Our ears are great at picking up high frequency sounds, so sharp consonants will get my attention. And something that ends with a vowel.

As smart as I am, some of your words sound really similar. Let’s keep my name and the commands you want me to learn, really separate. So, on the off chance that I was being naughty and my name was Joe, I might think that you’re calling out to me, when you’re saying ‘NO!’. And I won’t know any different! LOL.

Here’s some great names I’ve come up with, but feel free to pick your own.
Jake, Fritz, Teddy, Astro, Dusty, Millie, Ollie, Cuddles, Turbo, Kobe, Ginger, Simba, Abbey, Sally, Tessa, Juno, Jenna, and Ruby.