The online era has forged a lot of eccentric trends, but Cat Yoga is one that actually makes sense. The Sensei’s of Stretch, cats know what they’re doing when it comes to limbering up and winding down. Keep your body moving and keep in shape during the cold season with the purr-fect yoga class!

If you haven’t already heard of it, Sydney’s famed space-themed cat cafe ‘Catmosphere’ hosts regular cat yoga sessions at their Surry Hills location, where you can stretch it out while surrounded by fluffy, purring kitties, all seeking to find zen alongside you. What could be more relaxing than brushing up on your yoga skills while brushing up against friendly felines?

The cafe is home to a handful of cats, all eager to school you in the art of yoga while waiting for their forever homes. You can book a yoga session with the cats, have a coffee and a cookie with them, or even sponsor a kitty, which gets you a free visit with them every fortnight while you support their ongoing needs. The cafe is perfect for every cat-lover out there, and if you don’t have the space or time for your own furry friend and could use some fluffy companionship, look no further.