Do you find yourself filling your personal social media accounts with pictures of your seriously cute pet? Have you ever thought about starting them their own account? It may sound a little left of centre but lots of people do it and it can prove to be quite fun (for both you and your fluffy friend!)

We have put together a list of our top 5 favourite Australian pet-fluencers and even had the chance to interview one of them to see what it’s really like having thousands of people follow your every move.


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Jinkee the Red Toy Poodle is a cutie with serious influence, having 75,000+ people keeping up with the pup. From visiting the hottest cafe’s around Melbourne to modelling some of the freshest puppy threads, Jinkee’s Instagram will have you in-stitches with it’s hilarious copy of Jinkee’s inner most thoughts and sweet videos.


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Representing for all of the Scottish Fold’s and feline’s out there, Bacon and Maple     have amassed a following of 47,000. Bacon and Maple share their daily adventures through too cute photos and videos, showing everything from chilling out at home to walking the red carpet (yes, you read that correctly!)


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Messina the Pug is the gal who’s got it all going on, previously working with brands like Doughnut Time and Uber. Messina loves updating her Instagram with memories of ‘pug-accino’s’ with her best friend on the weekend and eating anything she can get her paws on.


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This self described ‘part time model, full time party girl’ has a huge 72,000 fans on Instagram and loves to fill them in on her daily happenings. Frankie was also recently featured at The Dog Lovers Show as part of the Insta Pooch stand, where she joined other loved dogs from Instagram on their rightful thrones #goals.


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Leonardo the French Bulldog is one lucky pooch. From Sunday sleep-ins to copious amounts of cheese, Leo’s lavish pup lifestyle is documented via is 33,000 follower strong Instagram account.

We were lucky enough to ask Leo and his human Jess a couple of questions around being a pet-fluencer.

Pet Insurance: What made you want to start an Instagram for Leo?

Jess and Leo: When we first got Leo, I started to put a few pics up on my own Instagram account. I didn’t want to bombard my followers with a million pics of my (cute) puppy all the time, so I started Leo’s own account. It’s become somewhat of a photo album of his life and I love being able to look back at the memories over the 2 years we’ve had him. 

PI: What has been one of your favourite experiences since having Leo’s Instagram up and running?

J&L: Leo was ‘interviewed’ by Gold FM in the studio last year which was a lot of fun! He was also named ‘Australia’s most influential dog’ by ABC. We’ve formed some great partnerships with brands over the last couple of years and made a lot of friends in the process. 

PI: Do you have any tips for getting the pur-fect post?

J&L: To get Leo to sit still – treats. Loads of treats! And squeaker toys.. 

PI: We all follow you, so who do you follow on Instagram?

J&L: There’s so many amazing dog accounts that we love following! Our favourites are @meet_oreo, @billiethedachshund, @operation_sumo and @huckandgus.

PI: Lastly, what are your top tips for starting an Instagram for your pet?


  1. Use hashtags related to your pet’s breed. This will help expand your reach beyond those who follow you.
  2. Follow like minded accounts i.e. other pet accounts, pet stockists and insurance providers, etc.
  3. Engage with others by commenting and liking their photos.